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Remember those good old days when laptops were huge, bulky and non-performers? It was unthinkable that a laptop can replace a desktop. But as time passed laptops became lighter, faster and smarter  Gradually laptops came into the mainstream. They started performing. Now the new buzzword in the market is "ULTRABOOK", a new form of laptops. As the name suggest it is ultra, ultralight, ultra-thin and ultra performing. Ultrabook is defined by Intel. Ultrabooks are designed to be ultrathin(less than 2.1 cm), ultra lightweight(less than 1.5kg), but without compromising on performance and battery life.They use low-power Intel processors with integrated graphics and unibody chassis to fit larger batteries into smaller cases.

In 2011, Intel set aside a $300 million fund to be spent over the next three to four years in areas related to Ultrabooks. Intel announced the Ultrabook concept at Computex in 2011. The Ultrabook would be a thin (less than 0.8 inches) notebook that utilized Intel processors and could also incorporate tablet features such as a touch screen and long battery life. Intel requires manufacturers to meet certain specifications in order to market a laptop as an Ultrabook.

They are powered by intel processors. The first series ultrabooks came with SandyBridge processors and the recent ones will come with the new IvyBridge processors featuring Tri-Gate transistors.
The integrated graphics will take care of the graphics part.

The max thickness of small Ultrabooks can have is 18mm. The larger ultreabooks will have a max thickness of 21mm. The Ultrabooks which can act as a tablet and laptop can be max 23mm thick.

Battery Life:
Ultrabooks can run 5-8 hrs on a single charge. That is really impressive!

Ultrabooks will feature fast connectivity options like USB 3.0, Thunderbolt etc fopr fast data transfers between devices. They can feature SSDs for fast datas storage and retrieval

Ultrabooks will be at par with mainstream laptops. You can play demanding games, do resource hungry applications, watch HD movies, listen to great music and many more....

All this in an ultralight, ultrafast, ultraslim "ULTRABOOK" !!!

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