Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Google Dorks (Google Hacking) Part I

Google Dork are the quickest way to retrieve the results from google

 Google hacking is a technique of using Google Search to find security holes in the configuration and vulnerability  present in websites,web server,security cameras,etc"

"This tutorial should be used for educational purpose only. I won't be responsible if you misuse this techniques and get yourself in trouble."

In this tutorial I am going to cover the basics of google dorks

The Google Dorks Tutorial is divided in multiple parts . In this first part we will get acquainted with basics of google dorking and the "harmless" use of google dorks. So enjoy the tutorial .

Here are the few examples of google dorks 

  • inurl:java                           displays java' in the url
  • dns    restricts the"dns" results to websites in a given domain.
  • php filetype:pdf        displays links of downloadable PDF files  having php in the url/body
  • allintext:google         displays results having"google" in body  or URL
  • php ext:ppt                 displays ppt files of php with downloadable links
  • link: php                        displays pages with *.php links

U can also combine them to get more flexible results