Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hide your shadow and bypass the security: Part 2

Hey Friends,
Today I am going to show you a  method by which you can access websites blocked by your network administrator.

Before you go through this tutorial also try to check the first tutorial of the security bypass :

Here is the link :

The advantage of this technique is that page loads faster compared to tor or other proxy software.It also bypass the gstatic filtering/blocking. is a domain used by Google which is an other company that is part of a network of sites, cookies, and other technologies used to track you, what you do and what you click on, as you go from site to site, surfing the Web 

Step 1. Go to 

Step 2. Select translation from English to Chinese / any other language , but not English !! 

Now click the translate button

 Now Click the show original button on the right side  and you will be able to get the desired  version in English .

Sometimes you need to do this immediately while the page is partially loaded. so that new requests are not sent further.