Tuesday, 6 May 2014

DNS Part 2 - Linux and Windows Command Line Utilties to perform DNS Lookups

DNS Part 2 - Linux and Windows Command Line Utilities to query DNS Server

Now we are going to deal with some command line utility 

1. Host 

  • Purpose - Dns Lookup Utility
  • Platform : linux
  • Usage : 

$ host google.com

2. Nslookup 

  • Purpose - Query Internet NameServers Interactively
  • Platform : Windows , Linux (does not support some features like ls)
  • Usage :

$ nslookup
>set type=A 

Similarly you can try out to query other record type by replacing set type = A to set type=NS 

>set type=NS

3. Dig 

  • Purpose - Advanced Dns Lookup Utility
  • Platform : Linux
  • Usage

Please note by default dig uses A type record querying 

$ dig google.com

If you want to query all types of records at once then use this command .

$dig ANY google.com

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial . In the next part  DNS Part 3 we will learn about some hacking techniques to query the dns server like zone transfers , dns bruteforcing ,etc .